Mbizi’s latest development, the “KENGE” Team Building Course has taken off with a bang, with professional organizations, groups, and schools taking advantage of our most exciting and effective outdoor team building course. Some of the obstacles we have are:

A delightful cross-country run down to our picnic spot on the banks.
A volley ball court to loosen your muscles and sharpen your reflexes.
A 60 meter phoofy (ski rope) slide where you will fly at 50 Km/H. “SCARY”
A rope bridge where your balance is tested.
A multi tyre frame with many exercises to overcome
A wobbly crocodile bridge, you need brains to cross.
A 3 meter wall you have to get over, you will never get over without your team members.
A pair of wide parallel bars with much difficulty.
A tyre hoping course, you are not allowed to touch the ground, if you do you will be penalized
A spider web where you will have to be man-handled, sometimes by women! Imagine being pushed through a spider web (Nylon) that your body must not touch.
A rope swing, which is off center, which makes it difficult to cross a wide mud pool,
it could be messy
Finally, you run down to the river, embark your canoe and high tail it for the fishing post

It is a fact that if your staff undergo a good team building course you could enjoy up to a 40% increase in productivity. These methods of training are being practiced by many organizations throughout the world.